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Why does white furniture turn yellow and how to restore it? – Expert in home decor



Owning furniture is common as it gives your home an elegant and impressive look. Out of all the color options, homeowners prefer white the most as it looks decent and attractive.

Unfortunately, time brings a big but significant change in your furniture. It will yellow your white furniture and make it look dull and unattractive. Most often it is the white color that yellows after being applied to the furniture. It is a common problem faced by homeowners and most of them prefer to repaint the furniture to bring back their charm.

If you faced the same issue and are looking forward to finding the issues alongside treatment to solve it, you have landed on the right place.

Why does white paint turn yellow?

Before finding a solution to bring back the furniture’s white beauty, it’s important to understand the science behind why your white paint turns yellow. Yellow appearance is common with white paint but is more pronounced with alkyd or oil based paints. You will see the yellowish area on the furniture that is not exposed to sunlight.

The most common cause, besides oil/alkyd paint, is heat emanating from household items such as heaters, stoves, etc. This problem can also occur if your furniture is exposed to ammonia from neighboring acrylic paint applications in the same room. You must note that ammonia can oxidize the alkyd component and cause your furniture to yellow.

Over time, the yellow layer will overtake the white, and therefore all your furniture will turn yellow. Instead, the depth of the yellow will increase over time, making your furniture look dull.

How can you prevent your furniture from yellowing?

That’s the crucial question every homeowner asks when owning white furniture. The best and most practical solution to this problem is to avoid oil-based paints, which are considered more durable than latex paints. Yes, latex paint also tends to yellow, but it will retain its color for a long time.

Most people apply a two coat latex paint to keep it white longer. In addition, it is also important to protect the furniture from heat, stove and other heating elements that can turn white in yellow.

Can you fix whitened yellow paint?

If your furniture has gone from white to yellow, you might be looking for this question. The answer is a big YES. A practical way to repair your furniture and give it back its white charm is to give it a white coat of paint. You can use white paint to apply a new and protective layer over yellowish/dull paint. Once painted, you can protect the furniture in your room from the slightest heat, darkness and other factors that lead to exposure.

White furniture turns yellow

Now you have a solid understanding of why and how your white furniture turns yellow. Now it’s time to shed some light on how to take care of your furniture and keep its white charm for years to come.

Below are the maintenance tips you need to be aware of:

Regular Maintenance: Yes, timely maintenance is the basic factor in extending the life of your furniture with the same white shine they deliver on day one. During maintenance, you need to wipe your furniture with a soft sponge or cleaner once a month. Homeowners also prefer to find a safe shelter for the furniture to prevent it from fading.

Use toothpaste as a cleaner: If neglected, your white furniture will turn yellow over time and you won’t see any color change when you compare it to new furniture. Here toothpaste is a smart way to clean your furniture and protect its brightness. After using toothpaste, it is strongly recommended to clean the surface with a soft cloth. Using a furniture duster is not recommended.

Prevent Watermarks: Often you neglect the household items kept on white furniture; it creates a watermark that looks annoying. So it is important to remove the watermarks if you proceed with any purpose.

To remove the watermark from your furniture, wash the surface with a damp cloth and wait until the watermark is completely removed.

Any tips to prevent furniture from yellowing?

Most homeowners know that their furniture turns yellow but don’t know how to avoid this problem with brand new furniture. Below are some points to follow to protect your white furniture from yellowing.

  • Avoid placing your furniture outdoors or applying oil paints.
  • Avoid keeping the furniture away from heat ducts as this could dull their color and turn yellow.
  • Rather add an exhaust fan to your kitchen as it removes all the air from the kitchen.
  • Refusing smoking is one of the most important factors you need to consider in order to minimize the white furniture problem. You need to reduce smoking indoors as it will find a place to settle and let your furniture.
  • If you plan to apply oil-based paint, you must apply water-based paint to the entire furniture before applying the oil-based paint.
  • If you plan to use oil-based paint, you need to consider this for furniture that will change color over time.

Additional tip:

With these tips, you’ll ensure durable yet white furniture that will serve you for decades. However, it is interesting to note that if someone in your family smokes, it will stain the furniture with tobacco, which is also a strong cause of yellowing.

In short, you need to protect your furniture from moisture, darkness and direct exposure to heat, which can turn white and yellow. With the right care, you can keep your furniture white for at least two years.

Direct sunlight can fade your furniture, something every homeowner needs to be aware of. However, you are now sufficiently trained to spot yellowing of your white furniture and how to fix it. This knowledge will surely help you keep the charm and beauty of your white furniture.

What other ways do you think can help spool the white color out of the yellow furniture?



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