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Debraca Denise: Biography, Net Worth, and Life Story



Debraca Denise was born in 1957. She is the adopted daughter of the legendary comedian and actor Redd Foxx. Hollywood career and celebrity status are what Debraca is known for. But, she has carved out a unique identity in entertainment.

Early Life and Background

Early Life and Background Debraca Denise was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her parents were African American.

Redd Foxx and his wife, Betty Jean Harris, adopted her at the age of nine. Denise grew up in a household filled with fortune. She had a private early life. Limited information is available about her education and upbringing.

Career Highlights

Career Highlights Debraca Denise followed her father. She entered the entertainment industry. Her acting career began in 1977 with an appearance on the TV series “Sanford and Son” as Doris Martin. She later appeared in the 1981 TV series “Sanford”. She was also in the 2015 documentary series “Unsung Hollywood.” Although she has few acting credits, they have helped her public image and career.

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Net Worth and Financial Status

Net Worth and Financial Status. Debraca Denise inherited her father’s estate after he died in 1991. She’s estimated to have a net worth of around $5 million.

This includes the inheritance of $3.6 million from Redd Foxx. She also got extra money from her acting career. These earnings likely total over $1 million.

Personal Life

In her personal life, Debraca Denise married Ralph Russell. He is a Los Angeles-based businessman. They got married in June 1975. The couple celebrated their wedding. They had a lavish ceremony at the Wilshire Hotel. Despite their long-term marriage, they don’t have any children. Denise was in a relationship with Jackie Jackson before marrying Ralph.

Family Background

Debraca’s mother, Betty Jean Harris, was in a long relationship with Redd Foxx. They married in 1956. The couple divorced in 1974 after 18 years of marriage. Betty Jean was a singer who gave up her career at Redd Foxx’s request to become a full-time housewife.

Legacy and Influence

Debraca Denise is still recognized as it’s Redd Foxx’s daughter. She is also known for her contributions to the entertainment industry. Three significant aspects define her life. She had a unique upbringing. She had a Hollywood career. She had an enduring marriage.

Is Debraca Denise Still Alive

Yes, Debraca Denise is still alive. She leads a very private life and has not been in the public eye for several years. Debraca Denise, born in 1957, is the adopted daughter of the legendary comedian Redd Foxx. She had a brief career in the entertainment industry, appearing in TV shows like “Sanford and Son” and “Unsung Hollywood.” Despite her earlier visibility, she has chosen to stay out of the spotlight in recent years and does not maintain a social media presence​ (World Cinema Paradise)​​ (Dicy Trends)​​ (dailyinfoes)​.

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Debraca Denise’s life is a mix of Hollywood glamour. It also has her father Redd Foxx’s legacy and her strength. Her story continues to inspire and intrigue fans and followers worldwide.

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